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It’s about building a Legacy

A premium offering designed to elevate the personal brands of top executives. Our comprehensive suite caters to every aspect of personal branding, ensuring that business leaders not only thrive in their careers but also make impactful connections.

COMMSX Personal Brand LAB is more than an offering, t’s a transformative experience and community for leaders. We are dedicated to equipping leaders not only with the tools to succeed but also with the skills to inspire and engage.

Personal Brand


Public Relations

At COMMSX, we craft a public profile for you that’s as remarkable as your professional achievements. Through tailored media strategies and thought leadership, we elevate your stature within the industry, ensuring that your voice and vision are recognized and respected.


Social Selling

We transform your social media from a static platform into a vibrant hub of interaction. We help you engage directly with your industry peers and convert those connections into valuable opportunities. It’s about making your online presence as dynamic and influential as you are.


Business Coach

Discover and unleash your leadership potential with our personalized executive coaching. We address your unique challenges with tailored guidance, helping you navigate your career path with clarity and confidence. You’re not just running a race; you’re setting the pace.


Public Speaking

Imagine walking into any room and owning it. Our public speaking training boosts your confidence and sharpens your ability to captivate and influence your audience. Every presentation becomes a chance to inspire and lead


Burnout Therapy

Keep performing at your best without burning out. Our tailored therapy sessions rejuvenate your mental energy and resilience, ensuring you stay sharp and focused, even under pressure.


Strategy Execution via OKRs

Align your team’s efforts with your vision. Our OKR coaching fine-tunes your organizational goals, making sure that everyone is not just busy, but productive and aligned with the broader company objectives.


Business Stylist

Dress the part of a leader with our Business Stylist service. We ensure that your wardrobe is as professional and polished as your demeanor, boosting your confidence and ensuring you always leave a memorable impression.


Photo Shooting

Let's capture your professional essence with a top-notch photoshoot that reflects your status and charisma. It's about making sure your visual brand speaks as powerfully as you do.



Balance your ambitious drive with the essential peace of mind. Our holistic approach supports your overall well-being, enabling you to enjoy resilience and vitality as you navigate the demands of your career.


Personal Brand LAB Board


Founder & СЕО COMMSX PR Agency

My superpower is PR, marketing, crisis communications, and personal branding for leaders. I'm the founder of COMMSX Personal Brand LAB.


Business Coach, Founder Dubrovin Consulting

Coach-consultant in organizational, team, and leadership development. I assist leaders in swiftly moving towards their goals and unlocking their potential.


Business Coach, Founder COGNICOO Agency

Existential coach and organizational consultant. I help individuals discover their 'Why' and restore ease through purpose-driven strategies and insightful guidance.


Founder Movchan Agency, PR Lead

PR professional who helps startups get published in top publications like CNBC, TechCrunch, Forbes, ensuring they get on the radar of potential investors and clients.


Head of Content COMMSX PR Agency

I develop strategies based on data and your unique tone of voice that increase visibility in the information field, empowering you to authentically connect with your audience.


OKR Strategy Coach, Co-founder UPHILL Partners

Organizational coach, OKR and Agile trainer, business facilitator. I assist leaders and companies in achieving ambitious goals with measurable outcomes.


Burnt out Therapist, СЕО Mental health and wellbeing

Psychologist and psychotherapist in the existential-analytical tradition. Author of several books. I assist individuals in staying resourceful moving towards their peak.


Public Speaking Coach, Co-founder Real People

I prepare individuals for public speaking, interviews, webinars, and presentations. I help leaders feel confident in any form of communication.


Wellness entrepreneur, Founder & CEO The Body School

I help maintain and enhance physical health by promoting an active lifestyle, ensuring proper nutrition, and guiding regular exercise routines.

Road Map

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At COMMSX Personal Brand LAB, we elevate tech executives' brands with a comprehensive suite of services focused on public relations, social media, executive coaching, and personal well-being.


Designed for C-level executives, senior leaders, and emerging talents who are pivotal to their organizations' success.


Engaging with COMMSX Personal Brand LAB, clients will see their public profiles elevated and their networking capabilities enhanced.

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