360° eCommerce campaign


The ad budget was $250 000 for 2 weeks

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Goals and Objectives

The 360° eCommerce campaign aimed to drive sales for a prominent eCommerce brand during a seasonal promotion period. The primary goal was to target 20 million viewers and generate 400,000 clicks on promotional partner product pages within a two-week timeframe. The specific objectives were as follows:

  • Drive Sales: We aimed to boost sales for the eCommerce brand by generating a high volume of clicks on partner product pages. The objective was to convert viewer interest into actual purchases during the seasonal promotion period.
  • Reach a Wide Audience: The goal was to target a broad audience of 20 million viewers, maximizing the campaign’s reach and visibility. By engaging a large audience, the campaign aimed to generate widespread awareness and interest in promotional offers.
  • Multi-Channel Marketing: We embraced a 360° marketing strategy, leveraging various media platforms to reach the target audience effectively. This included social networks, native ads, influencer campaigns on YouTube, earned media support, targeted mobile advertising in relevant locations, and collaboration with renowned bloggers.

Strategy and Approach

To achieve the campaign’s goals and objectives, the following strategies and approaches were implemented:

  • Multi-Platform Presence: We utilized a diverse range of media platforms to engage the target audience. This included leveraging social networks, native ads, and influencer campaigns on YouTube to reach viewers across different digital touchpoints.
  • Earned Media Support: We aimed to secure earned media coverage, which provided additional exposure and credibility for the eCommerce brand. By strategically targeting media outlets and influencers, the campaign generated positive coverage and endorsements.
  • Targeted Mobile Advertising: To increase reach and engagement, we incorporated targeted mobile advertising in relevant locations such as the City metro, airports, and mobile operators. This allowed the brand to reach potential customers during their daily commutes and while they were actively using mobile devices.
  • Collaboration with Renowned Bloggers: To amplify reach and showcase promotional goods, we collaborated with renowned bloggers from the CIS region. These bloggers conducted online streams and featured the brand’s products, generating excitement and interest among their followers.

Execution and Results

The execution of the 360° eCommerce campaign involved deploying the strategies and approaches outlined above. The results achieved were significant:

  • Successful Sales Generation: We effectively drove sales for the eCommerce brand by generating a high volume of clicks on partner product pages. The targeted approach and compelling promotional offers enticed viewers to engage and make purchases, resulting in a successful conversion rate.
  • Wide Audience Reach: We achieved its goal of reaching a broad audience of 30 million viewers. By strategically leveraging various media platforms and collaborations, we generated widespread awareness and engagement, maximizing the reach and impact.
  • Increased Brand Visibility and Credibility: Through earned media support and collaborations with renowned bloggers, we enhanced the brand’s visibility and credibility. The positive coverage and endorsements generated heightened brand perception and trust among the target audience.
  • Amplified Engagement and Excitement: Our multi-platform approach, influencer collaborations, and targeted mobile advertising created a buzz around promotional topic. The audience engagement and excitement generated through online streams and influencer endorsements contributed to increased interest and conversion.


Through a comprehensive 360° eCommerce campaign, utilizing multi-channel marketing, earned media support, targeted mobile advertising, and collaborations with renowned bloggers, we achieved the client’s goals of driving sales, reaching a wide audience, and generating engagement. By strategically deploying these tactics, the brand capitalized on the seasonal promotion period and leveraged various digital touchpoints to create a successful and impactful campaign.