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Goals and Objectives

The primary goals of the brand awareness and lead generation campaign were to enhance the brand’s reputation and increase brand awareness in Ukraine. The ultimate objective was to improve conversion rates and generate leads. The campaign aimed to fill the information field with positive news and announcements to establish a strong brand presence.

Strategy and Approach

To achieve our goals, we implemented a comprehensive PR strategy that focused on tailored messaging, targeted audience segmentation, and strategic communication channel selection. Our approach involved the following key elements:

  • Tailored Key Messages: We developed key messages specifically tailored for different target audiences in Ukraine. By addressing their unique interests, needs, and pain points, we aimed to establish a meaningful connection and resonate with their preferences.
  • Communication Channels and Content Types: We identified the most effective communication channels and content types to engage the target audience. This included press releases, interviews, news pieces, comments, and company updates. We leveraged both traditional and digital media platforms to ensure broad coverage and reach.
  • Media Relations: As the company’s press service, we built strong relationships with influential journalists and media outlets. We provided them with relevant news pieces, interviews, and comments to secure positive media coverage. By proactively pitching newsworthy stories and keeping media contacts updated, we increased our chances of securing prominent placements.
  • Crisis Communication and Media Requests: We prioritized timely and effective crisis communication, promptly addressing any potentially negative situations or media inquiries. By providing accurate information, handling issues transparently, and ensuring swift responses, we maintained a positive brand image even in challenging situations.

Execution and Results

The execution of the campaign involved consistent engagement with media outlets, proactive media outreach, and meticulous monitoring of media opportunities. The results achieved were significant:

  • Enhanced Brand Awareness: The campaign successfully increased brand awareness across Ukraine. The strategic dissemination of key messages through various media channels ensured widespread exposure to the target audience, driving recognition and familiarity with the brand.
  • Improved Reputation: By filling the information field with positive news and announcements, the campaign enhanced the brand’s reputation. Positive media coverage and favourable comments positioned the brand as a trusted and respected entity within the Ukrainian market.
  • Conversion and Lead Generation: The increased brand awareness and reputation directly contributed to improved conversion rates and lead generation. The campaign attracted potential customers who were already familiar with the brand and its positive image, increasing the likelihood of conversion and generating valuable leads.
  • Crisis Management Success: Through proactive crisis communication and timely responses to media requests, the campaign successfully navigated potential negative situations. By addressing issues transparently and managing media inquiries effectively, the brand maintained its positive image and minimized any negative impact.


Through a comprehensive PR strategy encompassing tailored messaging, strategic media relations, awards participation, and crisis communication, the brand awareness and lead generation campaign successfully achieved its goals. The campaign increased brand awareness, improved reputation, and contributed to enhanced conversion rates and lead generation. By actively engaging with the media, proactively managing crises, and leveraging strategic opportunities, the campaign laid a strong foundation for continued growth and success in the Ukrainian market.