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Goals and Objectives

The brand awareness campaign aimed to establish a positive brand image and increase brand recognition in the competitive SSD and RAM market, with a specific focus on the Ukrainian audience. The campaign also aimed to sustain and promote sales of the brand’s products by providing support to partner stores. The main objectives were as follows:

  • Establish a Favorable Brand Image: We sought to create a positive perception of the brand among the target audience. By highlighting the brand’s strengths, reliability, and product quality, they aimed to establish a favourable brand image that would resonate with consumers.
  • Amplify Brand Recognition: Increasing brand recognition was a key goal of the campaign. The objective was to ensure that the brand’s name and offerings were familiar to the Ukrainian audience, positioning the brand as a leading choice in the SSD and RAM market.
  • Targeted Audience Engagement: We aimed to engage specific target audiences, including creators, remote users, and gamers. By tailoring the messaging and outreach to address their unique needs and interests, they aimed to build a connection with these key consumer segments.
  • Support Partner Stores: We aimed to provide support to partner stores to drive sales and strengthen the brand’s presence in the market. This involved offering marketing collateral, training, and incentives to encourage stores to promote and sell the brand’s products effectively.

Strategy and Approach

To achieve the campaign goals, the following strategies and approaches were implemented:

  • Media and Blogger Engagement: Renowned IT media outlets and influential bloggers were engaged to reach the target audience effectively. The campaign involved providing expert materials and product reviews to these media platforms, ensuring extensive coverage and visibility among the tech-savvy community.
  • Targeted Audience Outreach: We focused on reaching specific audience segments such as creators, remote users, and gamers. Tailored messaging, content, and engagement strategies were employed to address their unique preferences, pain points, and interests, fostering a deeper connection with the brand.
  • Souvenir Distribution: To establish positive relations with Ukrainian media outlets, we involved in distributing souvenirs. This gesture helped create goodwill and fostered a positive perception of the brand at the beginning of its operations in the market, laying the foundation for productive relationships with media partners.

Execution and Results

The execution of the brand awareness campaign involved extensive engagement with media outlets, bloggers, and targeted audience segments. The results achieved were awesome:

  • Established Favorable Brand Image: We successfully communicated the brand’s strengths, reliability, and product quality, resulting in the establishment of a positive brand image. The targeted messaging and expert materials helped position the brand as a trusted and reputable choice in the SSD and RAM market.
  • Amplified Brand Recognition: Through media engagement and targeted outreach, the campaign significantly increased brand recognition among the Ukrainian audience. The brand’s name and offerings became more familiar, enhancing its visibility and competitive advantage in the market.
  • Engaged Targeted Audiences: The tailored messaging and engagement strategies effectively resonated with the specific target audience segments, including creators, remote users, and gamers. This resulted in increased audience engagement, brand affinity, and consideration of the brand’s products for their specific needs.
  • Supported Partner Stores: We successfully provided support to partner stores, enabling them to effectively promote and sell the brand’s products. This support translated into increased sales and strengthened the brand’s presence in the market, benefiting both the brand and its retail partners.


As a result, we have secured 33 product reviews in major IT media outlets in Ukraine, 17 video reviews by specialized bloggers, and 3 press releases highlighting the launch of significant new products, totalling 101 publications with a reach exceeding 100 million and 1.5 million views.


Through a strategic brand awareness campaign involving media and blogger engagement, targeted audience outreach, and support for partner stores, the brand successfully achieved its goals of establishing a positive brand image, amplifying brand recognition, and sustaining sales in the competitive SSD and RAM market. By effectively engaging with the target audience and building relationships with key stakeholders, the brand created a strong foothold in the Ukrainian market, driving growth and enhancing its competitive position.