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Goals and Objectives

The client, a video marketing e-commerce platform, had ambitious goals and objectives focused on increasing brand awareness in the US, UK, and CA markets. The specific goals were as follows:

  • Increase Brand Awareness: The primary objective was to raise awareness of the client’s video marketing e-commerce platform among the target audience in the US, UK, and CA markets. The goal was to establish the brand as a trusted and recognized player in the industry.
  • Move to Tier 1 Media: The aim was to elevate media placement to Tier 1 national and vertical outlets. By securing coverage in top-tier media publications, the client sought to enhance brand credibility and expand its reach to a wider audience within the target markets.
  • Establish Thought Leadership: The objective was to position the client as a thought leader in the eCommerce, tech, and business media landscape. The goal was to showcase the client’s expertise and unique perspective on video marketing trends and strategies.

Strategy and Approach

To achieve the goals and objectives, the following strategies and approaches were implemented:

  • Smart and Thoughtful Media Outreach: The PR team employed a strategic and assertive media outreach strategy to make a significant impact. This involved identifying key media outlets and journalists in the US, UK, and CA markets and crafting tailored pitches and compelling story angles to engage them.
  • Comprehensive PR Support for Funding Announcement: The team developed a comprehensive PR support strategy to leverage the client’s funding announcement as an opportunity to generate media coverage and increase brand visibility. This included crafting press releases, conducting targeted media outreach, and facilitating interviews with key executives.
  • Thought Leadership Platform: The client’s thought leadership was established through a multi-faceted platform. This included creating insightful and informative content, such as articles, that showcased the client’s expertise in video marketing for e-commerce. The content was strategically distributed through relevant channels and platforms.

Execution and Results

The execution of the brand awareness and thought leadership campaign involved implementing the strategies and approaches outlined above. The results:

  • Increased Brand Awareness: We successfully increased brand awareness in the US, UK, and CA markets. Through targeted media outreach efforts, the client secured coverage in reputable publications, resulting in increased visibility and recognition among the target audience.
  • Tier 1 Media Placement: We successfully moved the client’s media placement to Tier 1 outlets. By strategically engaging top-tier national and vertical media, we gained exposure to a broader audience, enhancing brand credibility and authority in the industry.
  • Established Thought Leadership: We effectively positioned our client as a thought leader in the eCommerce, tech, and business media landscape. The thought leadership platform, comprising insightful content and industry expertise, showcased the client’s unique perspective and established them as a go-to resource for video marketing strategies and trends.


Through smart and thoughtful media outreach strategies, a comprehensive PR support plan for the funding announcement, and the establishment of a strong thought leadership platform, the client successfully achieved their goals of increasing brand awareness and establishing thought leadership. The campaign elevated the client’s brand visibility, secured Tier 1 media placement, and positioned them as a trusted authority in the video marketing e-commerce space.