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Goals and Objectives

Our objective was to announce the launch of a niche product in the highly competitive US market. We implemented a narrow niche strategy to maximize impact. The primary goals of the campaign were to increase customer loyalty, raise awareness about the new product, and effectively convey key information to the target audience

Strategy and Approach

To achieve our goals, we adopted a strategic approach that focused on leveraging the power of storytelling and targeting specific vertical profile media outlets. We developed three distinct angles, each centered around a product launch, which allowed us to tailor our messaging to different segments of our target audience.

Execution and Results

The execution of the campaign involved strategic media outreach, press releases, media pitches, and personalized interactions with key media representatives. The results exceeded expectations and delivered great outcomes:

  • High-Quality Interviews: We successfully secured high-quality interviews with clients of our customers. These interviews not only showcased the product’s features and benefits but also provided real-life testimonials, enhancing customer loyalty and trust.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: Through the interviews and media coverage, existing customers felt valued and connected to the brand. 
    Enhanced Awareness: The targeted approach enabled us to reach the intended audience effectively. The campaign garnered extensive media coverage in relevant publications and platforms, driving awareness of the product launch among the target market.
  • Conveyed Information: By utilizing story-driven angles, we effectively conveyed key information about the new product to the target audience. The messaging resonated with the specific interests and values of different segments, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the product’s unique selling points.


Through a strategic approach, personalized storytelling angles, and targeted media outreach, the product launch campaign successfully achieved its goals. By securing high-quality interviews, increasing customer loyalty, enhancing awareness, and effectively conveying information, we successfully positioned the product in the competitive US market. The campaign served as a strong foundation for future growth and established a positive brand perception among the target audience.