The Fight For Ukraine's Freedom


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Goals and Objectives

In the fight for Ukraine’s freedom with the NGO “Zemliachky” we focused on communication strategies to raise awareness about women defenders worldwide. They actively participated in projects aimed at collecting donations for female military uniforms, and ammunition, and supporting female humanitarians through creative charity initiatives. The main objectives of the campaign were:

  • Increase Awareness of NGO “Zemliachky”: We aimed to raise global awareness of the NGO “Zemliachky” and its mission to support women defenders. By reaching a wide audience, they sought to increase visibility and understanding of the organization’s efforts.
  • Build Trust for NGO “Zemliachky”: To encourage more donations for women’s humanitarian needs on the frontline, it was essential to build trust in the NGO. The campaign aimed to establish a credible and reliable reputation, showcasing the organization’s transparency and the impact of its work.
  • Create Projects with Businesses (Creative Charities): We aimed to collaborate with businesses to create projects that would generate donations. By partnering with businesses for creative charity initiatives, the NGO sought to engage the public and encourage contributions towards their cause.

Strategy and Approach

To achieve the goals of the NGO “Zemliachky” we implemented a strategic communication approach that included the following elements:

  • Media Engagement: We actively worked with media outlets to disseminate information about women defenders worldwide. By sharing stories, interviews, and updates, they aimed to raise awareness about the organization’s mission and the impact of their work.
  • Donor Relationship Building: focused on building trust and strengthening relationships with donors. By showcasing the impact of donations, sharing success stories, and providing transparency in the allocation of funds, the NGO aimed to instil confidence and encourage continued support.
  • Business Partnerships: collaborated with businesses to create creative charity projects. By aligning with businesses that shared their values, we aimed to leverage their reach and resources to maximize donations and support for women defenders.

Execution and Results

The execution of the campaign involved consistent media engagement, transparent donor communication, truth-sharing initiatives, and partnerships with businesses. The results achieved were significant:

  • Increased Global Awareness: We successfully raised awareness of the NGO “Zemliachky” worldwide. Through media engagement, their mission and the importance of supporting women defenders gained visibility on an international scale.
  • Enhanced Trust and Donations: By fostering donor relationships and showcasing the impact of contributions, the campaign built trust in the NGO “Zemliachky.” This resulted in increased donations to support women’s humanitarian needs on the frontline.
  • Countering Enemy Propaganda: effectively spread the truth about the war in Ukraine, countering propaganda. By providing accurate information and authentic narratives, they contributed to a more balanced understanding of the conflict globally.
  • Successful Business Partnerships: successfully created projects with businesses through creative charity initiatives. These collaborations generated increased donations and engagement, amplifying the impact of the NGO’s work.


Through a strategic communication approach that focused on media engagement, donor relationship building, truthful narratives, and business partnerships for the NGO “Zemliachky” we achieved their goals in the fight for Ukraine’s freedom. The campaign raised awareness of the organization, built trust, countered propaganda, and generated support through creative charity initiatives. By effectively communicating its mission and the importance of supporting women defenders, the NGO made a significant impact in their efforts to address humanitarian needs and advocate for the truth in Ukraine’s war.